Tip-Issue-Narrative Pipeline

Information enters Junkipedia via tips. Tips are essentially reports of problematic content that have either been manually entered by authorized Junkipedia contributors or submitted through tiplines by either known or anonymous parties. Tiplines can be configured to place incoming tips into a queue for review. An authorized Junkipedia contributor reviews the queue of incoming tips and decides which of them should be approved or rejected.

An approved tip generates an issue which retains a link to the original tip. Subsequent tips referring to the same content are added as links to the same issue without waiting for a review step. Junkipedia users collaboratively annotate the issue with metadata describing what it relates to, why it is a problem, and other information as it is tracked by the system.

Most issues do not occur in isolation but rather as stories that get retold and evolve over time. This is illustrated when tips to different pieces of content generate separate issues with a common theme. Junkipedia users define narratives to capture these themes then link issues to the narratives behind them.

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