Sharing your lists

Lists you create are private by default – they are not accessible by any other users. However, you have the option of sharing your lists with other members of your organization or sharing publicly with all Junkipedia users.

To change privacy settings on a list, navigate to the monitoring system and then click “Lists”>”Manage Lists.” Click the name of the list you want to change. Next, select “Edit List” from the top right.

On the Edit List page, you can elect to make your list public so that any Junkipedia user will be able to follow it. You can also elect to share your list only with others in your organization. You can change these settings at any time.

You can also share your lists with individual users inside or outside of your organization. Open the list you’d like to share (navigate to the monitoring system, click “Lists”> “Manage Lists” and click the name of the list) and click “Sharing” from the top right.

Click “Share list to user” and begin typing the name of the user you want to share your list with. Click their name to add them to the list. You can also allow other users to edit your list by clicking the blue “x” that appears under “Can Edit.” Click the x to toggle editing abilities on. When you’ve successfully given edit access to the user, a green checkmark will appear under “Can Edit.”

When sharing lists with others, put care into the title and description fields to help others find it. Poorly named lists are better left unshared because they won't get used and will just get in the way of finding lists that are useful.

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