Instagram via CrowdTangle

Import Lists to Monitor: Facebook & Instagram via CrowdTangle


Import your CrowdTangle lists of groups, pages, accounts, or saved searches and monitor them directly within Junkipedia.

If you do not have a CrowdTangle account, you may be able to request one if your organization has a Facebook Partnerships contact. You can only monitor Facebook and Instagram via Junkipedia by using CrowdTangle.

In the top menu bar, click "Monitor Feeds."

Next, click "Manage Lists" in the left sidebar.

Click "Import CrowdTangle."

Select Facebook or Instagram, depending on the set of lists you'd like to import. Enter your CrowdTangle API key and click "Import CrowdTangle Lists."

Note: Find your CrowdTangle API key by logging into CrowdTangle and clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner and selecting "API Access." If there is an API Token already, copy that token, otherwise, If you don't have a key, you need to click "I Agree" and then "Generate Token" and then you will see the token you need to copy. If you do not see the option "API Access," you will need to request activation.

After clicking "Import CrowdTangle Lists," use the tick boxes on the left to select which lists you'd like to enable in Junkipedia.

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