Setting Up Tiplines

Make it easy for anyone to report content you care about by setting up tiplines.

Tips refer to content on social media that has been reported as problematic. Tiplines enable anyone to submit tips to Junkipedia without having to set up an account and logging into the system. Tiplines may be configured to require a review process before a tip generates an issue to be tracked through the system.

Tipline Types

Note that there are different types of tiplines:

  • Web — A publicly accessible web page with a form for entering a tip.

  • Email — Tips will be addressed to an email address for the tipline.

  • SMS — Tips will be addressed to the tipline's SMS number.

  • Whatsapp — Tips will be addressed to the tipline's Whatsapp account.

  • Slack — Tips will be addressed to the tipline's Slack channel.

  • API — Tips will be sent via HTTP request to the tipline's API endpoint.

Select "Manage Organization" From Menu

Whether creating a new tipline or managing an existing one, navigate to the list of tiplines that currently exist for your organization. Start by signing in to Junkipedia then click your name in the upper right corner of your screen. Then click "Manage Organization".

Your Organization's Tiplines

From the "Your Tiplines" box, click the "Manage Tiplines" button.

From here, you will be able to see all of your current tiplines. Some default tiplines may already have been created for you when your organization was added to Junkipedia.

The "Manage Tiplines" Page

If you want to create a new tipline, proceed with Creating A New Tipline.

If you want to edit an existing tipline, proceed with Configuring Tipline Properties.

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