Reviewing Tips

If a tipline has been configured to require approvals, tips will be sent to a review queue so that no new issue will be generated until the tip is approved. You can add additional tips to an existing issue without needing approval.

Go To Review Tips Page

If your account is configured with tip approval privileges, a "Review Tips" option will appear on your main menu. When new tips arrive in need of review, all members of your organization with tip approval privileges will see a numeric badge next to the "Review Tips" menu option indicating how may tips are waiting for review.

Click on "Review Tips" when you are ready to go to the Review Tips page and begin the review process.

Tip Review Queue

The queue of tips waiting for review appears on the Review Tips Page along with information about each tip and options for dealing with them. The example below shows two tips in the queue. They both refer to Twitter links but one was submitted by an anonymous tipster and the other was submitted by a known user. The "" identifier is an automatically generated ID for an anonymous user.

Approve Tip & Assign Issue Properties

To approve the first tip in the queue, select the checkbox to the left of it and appropriate settings for the following properties:

  • Threat level – low, moderate, medium, significant, or high

  • Problems – choose one or more appropriate problem designations

  • Tags – select any number of appropriate tags

You are not required to add these properties to an issue. However, we strongly recommend adding tags to keep your issues organized.

Once you've selected the properties to be applied, click "Approve" to cause an issue to be generated and linked to this tip.

Duplicate Tips In The Queue

When multiple tips in the queue refer to the same piece of content at the same time, select the checkbox to the left of the one with the best description and approve that tip alone so that it's description is used in the issue to be generated. After applying this approval, subsequent tips with the same link will be automatically attached to that issue without appearing in the queue but those that already arrived in the queue will remain there until someone accepts or rejects them. To avoid unnecessary duplication of issues, it is recommended that these duplicate tips remaining in the queue be rejected once one of them has be selected to generate an issue.

Approving Multiple Tips At Once

If you select multiple tips to approve at the same time, an issue will be created for each and they will all be assigned the same selected properties at once.

Sorting And Filtering The Queue

When there are a large number of tips in the queue waiting for approval, it can be useful to sort and filter them so that they can more easily be processed in batches of similar priority or other characteristics.

Sorting Options

Under "Sort by" (near the top right of your screen), select "Date" to show the most recent tips first. Select "Engagement" to show tips with the most engagement first.

Set Tip Priority Level

You can manually choose how important a tip is by selecting its priority level (low, medium, or high), and then filtering. To assign a priority level, select one or more tips, then click the low, normal, or high priority level button under the "Mark Tips As" label near the top of the screen. The star column adjacent to the checkbox shows the current priority assigned to each tip in the queue.

Filtering Options

At the top of the Review Queue page, you'll see several filters:

  • Tiplines: Select which tiplines you'd like to view tips from, then click "Apply."

  • Engagement: Move the bars to see only tips within that range of engagement.

  • Platform: Select which platforms you'd like to view tips from, then click "Apply."

  • Users: Select one or more users to see only tips submitted by them.

  • Review Priority: Select the priority level of tip you'd like to view.

  • Type: Select the type of tip content you'd like to see: photo, video, link, page, tweet, article, or status

Rejecting Tips

Rejecting Selected Tips

As with approving tips, you can select any number tips from the left column checkboxes and press the "Reject" button to reject of all the selected tips at once.

Rejecting Spam

There is a button marked "Spam" adjacent to the buttons for approving or rejecting tips. This button has the effect of rejecting a tip but also remembers the tip source as having sent spam to the tipline.

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