Hosting A Slack Tipline

If your organization uses for internal communications, you can integrate Slack and Junkipedia to work together. Once connected, you'll be able to submit tips to Junkipedia via Slack and receive notifications about new issues in a designated Slack channel.

First, decide which channel you would like to use to submit tips. We recommend setting up a new Slack channel in your workspace for submitting tips. Learn how to create a new Slack channel.

Once you are logged into Junkipedia, click your name in the upper right corner of your screen, then click "Manage Organization."

Under "Details," click "Add to Slack."

You will be directed to a Slack page to review the integration permissions.

At the bottom of the page, under “Where should Junkipedia post?” select which channel you’d like to use to submit tips and click “Allow.”

You should be redirected back to Junkipedia’s Manage Organization page. Under “Details,” you should now see that Junkipedia has been “Added to Slack.”

You can now add tips to Junkipedia via Slack! Go to your designated Slack channel, type: /junk [URL] and hit enter. You should receive a confirmation message that says “Tip received!” You can now edit your issue in Junkipedia.

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