Embedding A Tipline Form

If you have configured a web tipline for your organization, it will be automatically hosted by Junkipedia at the URL shown in your list of active tiplines. If you wish to also host the web tipline form on your own website, you can include it in your site's html code using an iframe with the following instructions.

Choose A Web Tipline

Use "Manage Organization" to Navigate to your organization's list of tiplines and identify the web tipline that you want to include in a web page.

Find Your Web Tipline URL

From the list of tiplines, click the link to the web tipline of your choice so that it opens in your browser. Copy the URL that displays this tipline as its own page.

Insert An IFrame Into Your HTML

To embed this tipline web form in your own web page, insert an IFrame tage similar to the following and let the "src" property refer to the URL from the previous step.

Embedded Result

The embedded result looks like the standalone page but lives within your own web content.

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