Edit an Existing List

You can edit a list you created, or one that was shared with you.

Note: Lists imported to Junkipedia from CrowdTangle (i.e., Facebook and Instagram account and search term lists) cannot be edited in Junkipedia. They must be edited in CrowdTangle. Learn more about CrowdTangle lists here.

Navigate to the monitoring system, then select “Lists”>”Manage Lists.”

Scroll to find the list you'd like to edit and click its name to open. You can now add accounts/channels or search terms to the list, edit the list details, or share the list with other users.

Add a single channel URL or term to your list in the “Add Channel” box. Add multiple channels by selecting “Import a list.”

Click “Edit List” to update the name or description of your list, or adjust other settings, like list privacy and collection criteria.

Click “Sharing” to update which users have access to your list. Click “Share list to user” and begin typing the name of the user you’d like to select in the search box. Click “Share.” To allow another user to edit your list, click the blue “x.” When you’ve successfully enabled that user to edit, the blue x will become a green checkmark. To unshare the list with a user, click the red trash icon next to their name.

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