Editing An Issue

In Junkipedia, an issue is a collection of information about a piece of social media content that Junkipedia is tracking.

Semi-Automated Assignment Of Tips To Issues

If you submit a tip from within Junkipedia, it will automatically add the tip to an existing issue if a match is found. This match is established by comparing the link submitted in the tip. A new issue will automatically be created if no match to an existing issue is found.

If a tip received via a tipline is subject to review and contains a link that does not match any existing issue, no new issue will be created until the tip has been approved in the review process. A new issue will be created upon approval.

This automated process requires some manual assistance. When a new issue is automatically generated from a tip, just a few of the issue fields are populated. Enriching the issue with more information is a manual process that relies on working with the The "Edit Issue" Form described in an article that follows. It is also possible for the automated process to fail to recognize an appropriate match between a tip and an existing issue when the URLs are not an exact match even when both URLs lead to the same content. In such a case, the it is possible to manually add a tip to to an issue. It is not really a problem if redundant issues are created for two tips that nearly duplicate each other when they are connected to the same narrative.

Issue Details And "Edit Issue" Button

There are several places in Junkipedia that display lists of issues such as those described in Reviewing Tracked Content. From any page displaying a list of issues, click the title of an issue to open a page focused on details for that issue. This details page contains an "Edit Issue" button that will take you to The "Edit Issue" Form.

Contributing Information To Existing Issues

The following articles describe how to add information to an issue.

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