Hosting A Web Tipline

A Web tipline is a publicly accessible web page with a form for entering a tip. Use the following instructions to complete the process of Configuring Tipline Properties.

If modifying an existing tipline, click the edit link associated with the desired tipline as shown on the "Manage Tiplines" Page. It will bring up an "Edit Tipline" form similar to the one shown below. If you are in the process of creating a new tipline, you may already see a form called "New Tipline" which is similar and will serve the same purpose.

Choose A Name

The name you provide will distinguish this tipline from others listed on the "Manage Tiplines" page for your organization.


The tipline will be presented as a publicly accessible web page with a form for entering a tip. The identifier specifies a URL path component that will be appended to

to create a URL for your web form. For example, the identifier fakenews will cause your web form to be hosted at

Just to be clear, you would not insert this entire URL into the identifier field. The identifier would simply be


in this example.


The heading identifies your tipline in a way that is appropriate for the tipline type. For example, if the heading is "myheading", a web form tipline type would show "Submit a tip to myheading" at the top of the form that will be shown to the user when adding a tip.

Custom Response

This message will be shown to the user to acknowledge that their submitted tip has been received.

Custom Merged Response

Leave this field blank for this type of tipline.

Redirect URL

If you want a successful web form submission to redirect to a custom URL, enter it here. Otherwise, leave this field blank.

Tipline Type

Use the pulldown menu to select "Web".

Include this tipline in your Address Card and QR code?

Check this box if you want the tipline included in the Sharing A Tipline Via QR Code for your organization.


Check this box to enable the tipline or uncheck to temporarily deactivate it.

Anonymous submissions require approval

Check this box to hold tips for approval when the source of the tip is not identified as a member of your organization.

Real submissions require approval

Check this box to hold all tips for approval.

Multi-part merge submissions

Leave this box unchecked for this type of tipline.

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