Submitting Tips Within Junkipedia

Add a piece of problematic content to the database through your account on

Log into and click “Submit Tip” from the menu.

Fill out the relevant fields:

  • Link to post or website: If you found the problematic content online, paste in the URL where you found it.

  • Describe the problem: Enter a few sentences about what makes the content problematic.

  • Location: If the problematic content mentions a physical location, enter it here. If you found the problematic content out in the physical world, enter the location where you found it (city/state or zip code). Do not use this field to record what platform you found content on (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Junkipedia captures this information automatically.

  • Upload an image, screenshot, or video: If you cannot link to the problematic content (for instance, if you found it in a private Facebook group), you can upload an image or video of the content.

  • You must submit at least one of the following: a link to the content, an image/recording of the content, or a written description of the content. You may leave the other fields blank.

  • Click "Submit a Tip": Junkipedia will check the database to see if another user has submitted the same content. If your tip is new, Junkipedia will turn it into an issue. In either case, you can now view and edit the issue in Junkipedia.

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