Post Type And Platform

The following API entry points provide the ability to search for records based on the type of post and the platform on which it it was published:

  • GET /posts

  • GET /posts/stats

With each of these endpoints, the following parameters allow filtering based on the types of posts and platforms:

  • post_type – a list of types from among the following options

    • video

    • photo

    • link

    • status

    • document

    • audio

    • podcast

  • platform_names – a list of platforms from among the following options

    • Bitchute

    • Facebook

    • GETTR

    • Gab

    • Instagram

    • OK

    • Parler

    • Podcast

    • Rumble

    • Telegram

    • TikTok

    • TruthSocial

    • Twitter

    • VK

    • YouTube

Each of these is considered an array parameter which allows multiple options to be added to a list in the same request.

The syntax for using these parameters involves appending empty square braces to the parameter before assigning it to one of the desired options. This can be repeated for multiple options. In the following example, only posts containing videos or photos are included in the list.

  • GET /posts?post_type[]=video&post_type[]=photo

Note that when either of these parameters is completely omitted, it is implied that all possible options are included. For example, the following two requests have the same effect:

  • GET /posts?post_type[]=video&post_type[]=photo&post_type[]=link&post_type[]=status

  • GET /posts

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