Submit A Tip via Web Form

Submit a piece of problematic content to Junkipedia via a web form.

If you've already added your organization's tiplines to your smartphone, go to your contacts and find your organization’s tipline web form URL. You can also find your organization’s web form URL under “Manage Organization” on

Fill in the relevant fields:

  • Describe the problem: Enter a few sentences about what makes the content problematic.

  • Link to post or website: Paste in the URL where you found the problematic content.

  • Upload an image, screenshot, or video: If you can’t link to the content you found (like if you found it in the physical world, in a private group, or received it in a direct message), upload an image or recording of the content here.

  • Location: If the problematic content mentions a physical location (e.g., “Robbers are posing as census workers in Queens, New York”), enter it here. If you found the problematic content out in the physical world, enter the location where you found it (city/state or zip code). Please do not use this field to record what platform you found content on (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Junkipedia captures this information automatically.

(Hint: Your form may look a little different, but should have the same fields.)

Once you’ve filled in the form, click “Submit your Tip.” You can now view and edit your issue in Junkipedia.

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