Sharing A Tipline Via QR Code

Junkipedia will generate a QR code and address card that you can use to invite people to contribute to your organization's tiplines. To try this out, sign in to Junkipedia click your name in the upper right corner of your screen, then click "Manage Organization."

QR Code & Address Card

Adjacent to your organization details you will see a QR Code similar to the one below.

If you share this image with your contacts and they access the QR code with a smartphone app, it will bring them to an address card with information about your organization including your tiplines. See Disabling A Tipline to manage which tiplines are included. The address card uses the VCARD format. Some smartphone contact apps are able to automatically add this address card as a new contact.

Add The Address Card To Your Own Smartphone Contacts

You can try adding the address card to your own smartphone contacts. Open your smartphone’s camera and scan the QR code. “[Organization Name] Tipline” will appear. Click it to save all of your organization’s tiplines to your device as a new contact.

If your smartphone either fails to recognize the QR code or does not support adding the VCARD information to your contact list, you can go to the "Manage Tiplines" page to view the your tiplines and enter them manually into your contacts list.

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