Engagement Filters

The following API entry points provide the ability to search for records based on when they were created:

  • GET /posts

  • GET /posts/stats

With each of these endpoints, two parameters work together to specify a range of engagement metrics for records to be included in the results:

  • engagement_from – low end of engagement range

  • engagement_to – high end of engagement range

These values must be expressed as integers with a ".00" suffix.

If either or both of these parameters is omitted, the following defaults will be implied:

  • When omitted, a default value of zero will be implied for the engagement_from parameter.

  • When omitted, an infinitely large default value will be implied for the engagement_to parameter.

Explicit Range

The following request will retrieve posts with engagement metrics of at least 100 and not greater than 5000:

GET /posts?engagement_from=100.00&engagement_to=5000.00

Implicit Low Or High Values

The following requests imply default low or high bounds for the range:

GET /posts?engagement_from=100.00

GET /posts?engagement_to=5000.00

No Engagement Filtering

Without engagement parameters, the following request will apply no engagement filtering:

GET /post

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