Building Your Own Lists

The entire monitoring system is based on lists of collection criteria informally known as lists. To begin, you can follow existing lists created by other users. When you are ready to create your own lists, navigate to the monitoring system and select “Lists”> “Add New List.” This is the same side panel where you can find your saved searches.

When you select “Add New List,” the “Create a New Monitoring List” form opens.

  • Name: Give the list a name to distinguish it from other lists. It is often useful to mention the platform in the list name.

  • Platform: The list will pull content from the platform selected here. At this time, lists can only contain channels from a single platform.

  • Type: Select “Account/Channel List” to create a list of accounts. Select “Terms” to search the selected platform for those terms.

  • Description: Enter a summary of the type of accounts/terms on your list.

  • Collect Historical Data: Check this box to enable collection of available historical posts.

  • Public: Check this box to enable Junkipedia users outside of your organization to follow your list.

  • Shared with my org: Check this box to automatically share your list with others in your Junkipedia organization.

Click “Create List.” To learn about adding channels to and editing your list, see Edit an Existing List.

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