Creating Saved Search Alerts

Your daily workflow may involve similar searches that use the same filtering options. To save time and assure consistency, you can save specific search queries with your chosen filtering options. Not only can you save these search settings, you can assign a name to the query, modify and save a copy with a different name, and you can have the system automatically run this search and send you updated results on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

To take advantage of these saved search query features, open the issue filtering options, create a query, and click the "Save" button.

When you save this search, give it a name and decide whether you want to be alerted to new results in the future. If you want alerts via email, turn on the switch for email and select how often you want to be notified of updates. Slack alerts are also possible if you perform the Slack integration steps described in Hosting A Slack Tipline and select one of your Slack channels for the incoming alerts.

You can get back to all of your saved searches listed just below "My Issues" on the sidebar to the left of the "Browse Issues" page.

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